Publications: Datasets

  1. Season-wise irrigated and rainfed crop areas for India around year 2005

    2015-01-15 19:02:45 | Contributor(s): Gang Zhao, Stefan Siebert | doi:10.13019/M2CC71

    Crop growing area and irrigated fraction for 21 crops in Kharif, Rabi and Zaid seasons for India around year 2005 in 500 m spatial resolution.
  2. GEOSHARE_workshop_Synthesis_-10-2014_-_Final.pdf

    2015-02-14 02:24:48 | Contributor(s): Lan Zhao | doi:10.13019/M27P4R

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  3. Historical Irrigation Dataset (HID)

    2015-03-27 14:05:10 | Contributor(s): Stefan Siebert, Matti Kummu, Miina Porkka, Petra Döll, Navin Ramankutty, Bridget R. Scanlon | doi:10.13019/M20599

    Supplementary materials for the publication entitled “A global dataset of the extent of irrigated land from 1900 to 2005” by Siebert et al. (2015) in Hydrology and Earth System Sciences.