About MyGeoHUB

Our Mission

MyGeoHub is a geospatial science gateway that supports the geospatial modeling, data analysis and visualization needs of the broad research and education communities through hosting of groups, datasets, tools, training materials, and educational contents. Sign up for a free account and start accessing the resources, following the Getting Started guide.


MyGeoHub team supports research, education and  broader engagement projects by hosting "supergroups" where each group may have its custom branding, collaboration space, membership management, access to backend computing resources, as well as its own software push schedule. Our professional staff will provide technical support, including support ticket triage, system software installation, regular maintenance and updates, and training. Contact us if you are interested in hosting your project on MyGeoHub.

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Take a tour of our web site and see how you can use our infrastructure to further your own research and educational activities. Create your own account. It's free and will give you access to our online simulation tools and other features. Become a contributor by uploading your own presentations and simulation tools for others to share. Ask a question in our community forum, and let the community help you out.