Research Projects


driNET is a research environment for collecting and disseminating local to regional scale drought information from several sources including the drought monitor, precipitation, soil moisture and more. The site also provides access to models such as the HMM (probabilistic method) Analysis tool and the Drought Impact Viewer.

Useful to Usable (U2U)

Transforming Climate Variability and Change Information for Cereal Crop Producers, is an integrated research and extension project working to improve farm resilience and profitability in the North Central Region by transforming existing climate information into usable knowledge for the agricultural community.

Water HUB

Water HUB is an open platform for connecting hydrologists through sharing of hydrologic information, data, models and simulation tools, connecting researchers and students to high-performance computation and data resources, and connecting science and people through shared knowledge and decision making tools and information.

Geospatial building blocks

A National Science Foundation funded Data Infrastructure Building Blocks (DIBBS) project to integrate geospatial modeling and data analysis capabilities into the HUBzero software stack. This project will extend HUBzero’s data capabilities and Rappture toolkit to support geo-reference datasets, maps, raster images, and so on, and make it easy for non-experts to easily share geospatial data and create and deploy interactive geospatial applications on the web.


Developing a cyber-infrastructure for open source hosting of agriculture, resource and environmental data, GEOSHARE will deploy a globally consistent, spatially explicit database accompanied by analysis tools and training programs to help government and industry decision makers on issues related to food security and sustainability.