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Meeting the Global Sustainable Development Goals on a Changing Planet with Limited Land and Water Resources

Getting started


An Applied Research Consortium Focused on the Sustainable Development Goals Will Benefit a Wide Array of Stakeholders

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National policy makers

evaluating the consequences of local actions, including trade-offs (e.g., usda, doe, epa, fao) and adaptation options (e.g., trade, technology investments, water governance)
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seeking to understand future infrastructure needs
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Local communities

developing climate adaptation projects and assessing risk management options
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Scientific community

of practice compiling a shared repository of boundary conditions, data and scenarios to mediate between global and local studies


October 10, 2017 - The GLASS team published a study recently in the journal Environmental Research Letters on how sustainable irrigation may harm other development goals (press release  access the paper).

August 10, 2017 - Purdue research team works to meet the United nations' sustainable development goals (read more)

March 9, 2017 - The GLASS initiative is among the Purdue's Discovery Park Big Idea Challenge winners (read more)

What’s New


Hertel, T.W., based on joint work with Uris L.C. Baldos and Frances Moore, “Assessing the Inter-regional Incidence of Climate Impacts on Agriculture”, Presented as part of the ISEE Congress on Climate Change, University of Illinois, September 19, 2017.

Hertel, T.W., based on joint work with Jing Liu, Uris Baldos, Christopher Kucharik, Larissa Jarvis and Navin Ramankutty, “From Global to Local: Understanding the Drivers of Nitrogen Fertilizer Use and Leaching in the United States”, AAEA Annual meetings, Chicago, August 1, 2017.



October 11-13, 2017, Impacts World 2017, Potsdam, Germany

The GLASS team will organize a workshop on University engagement with SDGs: Tom and Carol are giving oral presentations, Jon is presenting a poster and Matt is discussion opener. More details here.