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Aug 2021

  1. David Deng Joined SSG

    David (Haotian) Deng (CS graduate student) joined us to work on geospatial data apps. Currently he is helping fix some of our geospatial data viewer tools and creating tutorials. Welcome aboard!

  2. I Luk Joined the SSG group!

    Welcome I Luk Kim to the Scientific Solutions group (SSG) as a Senior Computational Scientist! I Luk has worked in SSG as a graduate assistant for the past several years on several projects delivering a number of online tools such as SWATShare, SWATFlow, HydroGlobe, HydroAQP, and Cultivista. We...

  3. Raziq Completed His DURI Internship

    Following the JN-based online tool AgMIP GlobalEcon Data Explorer (different from the data aggregator mentioned above) developed by Rob, our summer DURI student Raziq has created a new companion tool for data contributors to submit their datasets following streamlined steps that includes...