GABBs Partnership and Collaboration

The GABBs project partners with other NSF awardees in the DIBBS, DataNet, SI2 and other programs in both specific and broader collaborations throughout its duration. Examples of collaborative activities include:

Brown Dog  Workshop - GABBs project director presented the project at the Brown Dog Workshop at UIUC  in July 2014. This visit helped the two projects to have a better understanding of the potential for collaboration, include two-way interactions between Brown Dog utilities and GABBs spatial data and modeling services.

Collaboration with Globus - The GABBs team met with the Globus team in February 2014 and identified several areas of integration opportunities. Since then, the GABBs team has integrated Globus data transfer into HUBzero, and created scientific tools to enable large data movement using Globus "under the hood". 

Collaboration with the DataNet iRODS project - Dr. Reagan Moore, PI of the DataNet Federation Consortium (DFC) project from University of NC, on the Purdue campus, January 2014.  The two teams are collaborating on iRODS infrastructure and new micro-services. The GABBs iData data management uses iRODS as the underlying data repository.


Collaboration through the NSF DIBBS, DataNet and other programs includes:

          NSF Program: DIBBs
          Software: SkyServer
           Data: Sloan Digital Sky Survey
          NSF Program: DIBBs
          Software: SLASH2
          NSF Program: DataNet
          Software: DataONE
          Data: Biology and Environmental
          NSF Program: DataNet
          Software: ACR, Virtual Archive
          Data: Social and Environmental
          Software: iRODS
          Data: Ocean Observatory,
          Hydrology, Genome, Social Science, Education
          Data: Census/Survey, Remote Sensing, Climate
          Software: CyberGIS software


          Software: Globus connect