2019 GeoEDF Stakeholder Workshop

GeoEDF has recently been funded by the NSF CSSI program for five years to develop a data framework to provide seamless connections among platforms, data and tools, making large scientific and social geospatial datasets directly usable in scientific models and tools through a plug-n-play data connector/processor framework.  In this first stakeholder workshop, the project team will provide an update on the project activities, including the framework design, and seek feedback from workshop participants on (1) project direction and execution, (2) broadening the range of use cases and potential future applications, and (3) connection to other CI and data efforts, through presentations and breakout discussions. We are looking forward to this opportunity to interact with our advisory board members and potential stakeholders of the project.

The workshop will provide travel support for those attendees who need it. The workshop will begin on the morning of Monday, October 7th and will conclude at noon on Tuesday, October 8th.

Date: October 7-8, 2019

Location: Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN 47906

Workshop Agenda:

Download agenda (PDF)

Sunday, October 6, 2019

    6:30-8:30 PM              Welcome dinner (Black Sparrow, 223 Main Street, Lafayette, IN 47901)

Monday, October 7, 2019

    8:30-12:00 AM   Presentations, coffee break 

    12:00-1:00 PM    Lunch provided

      1:00-5:30 PM    Presentation, breakout sessions, coffee break

      6:30-8:30 PM    Group dinner (RedSeven Kitchen, 200 Main Street, Lafayette, IN 47901)

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

    8:30-12:00 AM   Recap, group photo, lightning talks, tour 

             12:00 PM    Boxed lunches & workshop adjournment 


  • Project Overview, Design, and Architecture (Carol Song, Mike Zentner, Rajesh Kalyanam) (slides)
  • Science Use Cases (Venkatesh Merwade, Uris Baldos, Jack Smith, Jian Jin) (slides)
  • Lightening Talks
    • Mike Strager, West Virginia University (slides)
    • Tom Hertel, Purdue University (slides)
    • Tracy Kugler, University of Minnesota (slides)
    • Noah Fahlgren, Danforth Center (slides)
    • Dennis Buckmaster, Purdue University (slides)
    • Sean Cleveland, University of Hawaii (slides)
    • Dave Tarboton, Utah State University (slides)
  • Next Steps

Workshop Report:

Download here.


Link to the Google Drive