A New NSF HDR Institute Grant Is Funded

Carol leads the Purdue team in a $15M NSF Harnessing Data Revolution (HDR) Institute grant, led by UIUC, to establish I-GUIDE. Purdue is a major partner in a 5-year $15M NSF award to establish a HDR (Harnessing Data Revolution) Institute led by UIUC. Carol is the Purdue PI of this project and is excited that the Purdue team brings diverse expertise from Civil Engineering, Ag Econ., Industrial Engr./Political Sci., Statistics, Data Visualization (CGT) and Cyberinfrastructure to this HDR Institute (Purdue subaward ~$2.5M). Carol is co-leading the CI core and our role is to develop and integrate geospatial CIs to enable research agenda of the institute and engage the broader community. If interested, you may check out the  NSF award page and project website

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