• MultiSpec: an image processing application to display and analyze geospatial images.
  • SIMPLE-G (SIMPLE-on-a-GRID): a multi-region, partial equilibrium model of gridded cropland use, crop production, consumption and trade.
  • AgMIP Tool: climate impacts on agriculture, aggregating outputs from the AgMIP's Global Gridded Crop Modeling Initiative (Ag-GRID).
  • Climate Scenario Aggregator: downloading and aggregating global grids (0.5 degree) of bias-corrected, monthly mean historical and future temperature and precipitation from the five General Circulation Models (GCMs) used by the ISI-MIP project.
  • FLAT (Fine-scale Land Allocation Tool): a tool for fine-scale global land use estimation, display, and comparison.
  • Global Gridded Crop Model Evaluation Tool: evaluate your own model simulation results against different reference data sets at global, national and grid cell level for the four major crops maize, wheat, rice and soybean as well as against an ensemble of 14 global gridded crop models (GGCMs).
  • LANDPARAM: a tool to aggregate cropland supply and land transformation elasticities.
  • GeoBuilder for Exploring Geospatial Data: Build interactive maps with layers of private or shared data.
  • Unidata IDV Tool Integrated data viewer for analyzing and visualizing geoscience data.
  • PyMapLib Tutorial Tool Step-by-step tutorial for new users of PyMapLib library.
  • Weather Data Explorer: An interactive application for accessing and visualizing Winter Weather Database (Wintx) for the INDOT areas.
  • Metadata Exporter: A Jupyter Notebook tool for exporting metadata from geospatial files to the ISO 19115 standard. 
  • iData Packager: A Jupyter Notebook tool for packaging iData files as a BagIT bag with serialized metadata.