HUBzero + GABBs Open Source Releases

Virtual Machine Download (Release 1.0)

We have preconfigured virtual machine images that contain GABBS Release 1.0 built on top of the HUBzero platform.  See the Quick Start file inside the package for a step by step method to get the virtual machine (VM) running on your desktop.

64-bit VM image - TAR.GZ (6.0 GB)

64-bit VM image - ZIP (6.0 GB)

Our virtual machine images are 64-bit Linux machines created for VMware. Download and install the following software to use these images:

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Our GABBs AWS CloudFormation template can be used to setup a complete GABBs-enabled HUBzero 2.1 hub on the AWS Cloud Computing platform.

This setup process requires no programming or system administration experience and users can be up and running with a hub in under an hour. Refer to the instruction video for a  walkthrough of the CloudFormation process and a demonstration of the resulting hub's features. 

Install from Linux Packages

If you currently host your own HUBzero hub or plan to host one in your own infrastructure, then you can add individual GABBs building blocks to the hub by installing our open-source Linux packages for RedHat/CentOS. Refer to our documentation for detailed instructions on installing individual GABBs building blocks to your hub  

  • Instructions for installing GABBs from software packages:  Documentation