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  1. Analyzing Water Scarcity in Global CGE Models

    08 Sep 2017 | Publications | Contributor(s): Jing Liu, Tom Hertel, Farzad Taheripour

    Incorporating water into a computable general equilibrium (CGE) model operating at global scale can be extremely demanding due to the absence of standardized data, the sheer dimensions caused by...


  2. Predicting Long Term Food Demand, Cropland Use and Prices

    08 Sep 2017 | Publications | Contributor(s): Tom Hertel, Uris Lantz C Baldos, Dominique van der Mensbrugghe

    This paper seeks to survey, understand and reconcile the widely divergent estimates of long run global crop output, land use and price projections in the current literature. We begin by reviewing...


  3. Debunking the 'New Normal': Why World Food Prices are Expected to Resume their Long run Downward Trend

    08 Sep 2017 | Publications | Contributor(s): Uris Lantz C Baldos, Tom Hertel

    Contrary to the opinions expressed by many commentators, the recent episode of higher prices for agricultural commodities is likely a transitory phenomenon. When compared to the last half-century,...


  4. Attaining Food and Environmental Security in an Era of Globalization

    08 Sep 2017 | Publications | Contributor(s): Tom Hertel, Uris Lantz C Baldos

    Attaining the twin goals of food and environmental security in the coming decades poses a significant sustainability challenge. This paper examines the food and environmental security implications...


  5. Land Use in the 21st Century: Contributing to the Global Public Good

    08 Sep 2017 | Publications | Contributor(s): Tom Hertel

    This paper focuses on the evolution of global public goods related to the world’s land resources over the course of the 21st century, their potential impacts on the world’s poorest...


  6. The power and pain of market-based carbon policies: a global application to greenhouse gases from ruminant livestock production

    08 Sep 2017 | Publications | Contributor(s): Benjamin Henderson, Alla A Golub, Daniel Djauhari Pambudi, Tom Hertel, Cecile Godde, Mario Herrero, Oscar Cacho, Pierre J. Gerber

    The objectives of this research are to assess the greenhouse gas mitigation potential of carbon policies applied to the ruminant livestock sector [inclusive of the major ruminant...


  7. Economic impacts of climate change on agriculture: A comparison of process-based and statistical yield models

    07 Sep 2017 | Publications | Contributor(s): Frances C Moore, Uris Lantz C Baldos, Tom Hertel

    A large number of studies have been published examining the implications of climate change for agricultural productivity that, broadly speaking, can be divided into process-based modeling and...


  8. GABBs Installation from Open-source Packages

    26 Jul 2017 | Downloads | Contributor(s): Rajesh Kalyanam

    This document contains instructions for installing the various GABBs components either onto a existing hub or in your own infrastructure from scratch. 


  9. Hydroglobe Tool

    27 Apr 2017 | Tools | Contributor(s): Adnan Rajib, Venkatesh Merwade, Lan Zhao, Jaewoo Shin, Jack A Smith, Carol Song

    Hydroglobe Tool in Jupyter Notebook


  10. Indiana Precipitation Explorer

    21 Jun 2017 | Tools | Contributor(s): d k

    View hourly precipitation data from monitoring stations across the state of Indiana