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  1. About Cyber Training

    The overall goal of this project is to create a new generation of scientists to manage data-rich and computationally intensive tasks to become globally competitive in the STEM, thus fulfilling...


  2. FACT Fellowship

    Solving the grand challenges posed by improving food and water security, in the face of growing population pressure, natural disasters, and climate change, requires expert knowledge of science and...


  3. Team

    Venkatesh MerwadeCivil Engineering and Agricultural & Biological EngineeringPurdue UniversityMatthew HuberDepartment of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary SciencesPurdue UniversityCarol...


  4. What is FAIR?

    In 2016, the ‘FAIR Guiding Principles for scientific data management and stewardship’ were published in Scientific Data. The authors intended to provide guidelines to improve the...


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  1. I registered in the past but cannot log in anymore!

    You may have entered an incorrect username or password. If you've forgotten either one, you can recover your username or recover your password. Just fill out the form, and we'll send your account...


  2. Frequently Asked Questions about Resources

    What are resources?How do I create a new resource?How can I delete a resource?Is there a limit on the number of resources I can submit?What are resources?Resources are user-submitted pieces of...


  3. I've lost my password!

    Don't panic! Just click on the Forgot your Password link on the login page and enter the e-mail address for your account. A verification token will be sent to you. Once you have received the token,...


  4. Why do I need Java?

    In order to access driNET simulation tools, you must have Java version 1.4 or later installed on your machine and enabled in your web browser. Note that Java is not the same as Javascript. Visit...


  5. Troubleshoot

    There are two common reasons why you may not be able to view an application.The tool is internally misconfigured. If you can look at your My HUB page and see that the tool you just started does not...


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  1. Global Futures Summary Report

    11 Feb 2020 | Contributor(s):: WWF

    GLOBAL FUTURES: ASSESSING THE GLOBAL ECONOMIC IMPACTS OF ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE TO SUPPORT POLICY-MAKINGThis report summarises the first results of the Global Futures initiative – a partnership between WWF, the Global Trade Analysis Project and the Natural Capital Project –...

  2. GLASS Pre-Conference 2020 Program

    28 Jan 2020 | Contributor(s):: Tom Hertel

    Program description for "Managing the Global Commons: Sustainable agriculture and use of the world's land and water resources in the 21st Century" conference.

  3. Reconstructed Terrestrial water storage anomalies of Huang-Huai-Hai River Basin, China (1979-2015)

    03 Dec 2019 | Contributor(s):: Wenlong Jing

    The Huang-Huai-Hai River basin of China suffers from severe water scarcity during recent decades under dual impacts from climate change and human activities. Quantifying the change of terrestrial water resources in the region as well as its driven factors is of significant to understand hydrology...

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  1. Wiki Help

    What are wiki pages? Wiki pages are user-written articles on a range of subjects. Any contributor or a group of contributors can create (and own) new articles, and there can be multiple articles...


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  3. Project Information

    Advisory Board Meeting, December 17, 2019You may download the presentations here:INFEWS framework overviewAgro-IBIS presentationWBM presentationEnvisage presentationSIMPLE-G presentationUncertainty...


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