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  1. A Gridded Dataset for Groundwater Sustainability Restriction Policy Scenarios for the Contiguous U.S.

    02 Jun 2023 | Datasets | Contributor(s):

    By Iman Haqiqi

    Purdue University

    Three scenarios of “low”, “medium”, and “high” levels of restriction on groundwater are developed. This dataset includes likely groundwater sustainability restriction policies (GSPs) considering...


  2. Gridded Cropland Supply Elasticity for the Continental United States (5 arc-min Spatial Resolution)

    01 Jun 2023 | Datasets | Contributor(s):

    By Nelson Villoria1, Jing Liu2, Iman Haqiqi2, Shourish Chakravarty, Michael Delgado2, Alfredo Cisneros-Pineda2, Tom Hertel2

    1. Kansas State University 2. Purdue University

    This dataset includes empirically estimated cropland supply elasticities for more than 75,000 grid cells over the continental United States calculated for years around 2010. The data is provided in...


  3. Labor markets: A critical link between global-local shocks and their impact on agriculture

    29 Mar 2023 | Datasets | Contributor(s):

    By Srabashi Ray1, Iman Haqiqi1, Alexandra Hill2, J Edward Taylor3, Tom Hertel1

    1. Purdue University 2. Colorado State University 3. University of California, Davis

    We show the importance of explicitly modelling agricultural labor markets in Integrated Assessment Models (IAMS). We propose the SIMPLE-G-CZ model building on SIMPLE-G and literature on CZs.


  4. Data: Existing wetland conservation programs miss nutrient reduction targets

    14 Dec 2022 | Datasets | Contributor(s):

    By Shan Zuidema1, Chris Kucharik2, Richard Lammers1, Wilfred Wollheim1

    1. University of New Hampshire 2. University of Wisconsin

    Estimated fluxes of nitrate (as nitrogen) across the Mississippi River Basin under scenarios of wetland restoration following two existing conservation programs. At full adoption, neither program...


  5. U.S. Heartland Farmers Value Conservation Programs, Reject Cutting Conservation Funding

    27 Sep 2012 | Posted by Melissa Widhalm

    In 2012, Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research and Public Opinion Strategies surveyed farmers in 13 Midwestern and Great Plains states about conservation program funding. You can find a brief overview...