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About the Group

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Welcome to the SIMPLE Short Course Group on MyGeoHub! This group is a repository of teaching material and tools for the "Short Course in Multi-scale Analysis of Sustainability". You can also make suggestions to the course or contribute by blogging, posting to a forum, or creating new resource. We would love to hear from you. 

If you are the participants of the Short Course in Multi-scale Analysis of Sustainability (i.e. the SIMPLE-G short course), I encourage you to explore the features provided in the group. 

Here are some online resources that you may find helpful along the way.

  • SIMPLE-G short course webpage.
  • SIMPLE-G short course material repository.
  • A related graduate level course "Global Change and the Challenges of Sustainably Feeding a Growing Planet" that is regularly offered at Purdue University can be found here
  • This short course is developed under the GLASSNET project.  Check out the GLASSNET website to learn more about different versions of the SIMPLE-G models and the applications. 
  • These online tools, including SIMPLE-G, could be helpful for your research and teaching. 
  • The onsite training will focus on the SIMPLE-G model. This fine-scale integrated modeling framework has been applied in several other projects affiliated with GLASSNET.