Multi-Scale Analysis of Sustainability Simple-G Short Course

Four-week online course (April 4 - 29, 2022) followed by an in-person course at Purdue University (May 2-6, 2022) 

The security of food, energy, and water is interwoven with human, economic, and environmental sustainability. This recognition suggests that decision-making for sustainability could benefit from a nexus approach that integrates resources across sectors and scales. The short course is designed to provide students comprehensive training in the equilibrium modeling tools for economic as well as interdisciplinary analysis of sustainability issues across local, national, and global scales.

The training modules are designed to provide an immersive experience that spans geospatial data, model code, and software structures to allow participants to examine real policy problems and synthesize quantitative results while enhancing their own intuition. 


  • There will be two scholarships available to cover travel costs. To be eligible, applications must include a brief statement of interest, and how the applicant intends to use the model in their research.
  • Improved teaching materials (more diversified SIMPLE-G applications, a flexible SIMPLE-G mini model, etc.)
  • COVID safety plan required by CoA

Background Publications for SIMPLE-G AND SIMPLE: 




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