The Long Run Sustainability of US Agriculture Conference

The 2018 Conference on Long Run Sustainability of US Agriculture

The goal of this project is to leverage existing knowledge, models and data to understand and communicate the interplay between global change and local sustainability of US agriculture in the context of alternative national, state and local policies affecting agricultural productivity and environmental quality. In particular, the team will examine the tradeoffs between: 1) crop production, prices and food consumption, 2) nitrogen losses, and 3) groundwater depletion. Special attention will be paid to the role of current policies and institutions in governing these tradeoffs, as well as the impacts of prospective policies targeting land use, nitrogen applications and the allocation of groundwater.

DateSeptember 17, 2018

Location: The National Press Club, Washington DC

Host: Dr. Thomas Hertel (Purdue University, USA)

Conference documents (PDF files):

  • Policy Briefs
    • Policy Brief 1: Global Drivers of Land and Water Sustainability Stresses at Mid-century
    • Policy Brief 2: Productivity Growth is Key to Achieving Long Run Agricultural Sustainability
    • Policy Brief 3: Evaluating Alternative Options for Managing Nitrogen Losses from Corn Production

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