GLASSNET Researchers are Prepared to Lead

GLASSNET will prepare the next generation of researchers to engage in and lead international sustainability team science by leveraging network best practices for human capital development:

Professional Development and Cross-Disciplinary Training Opportunities

Our Fellows and students will have ample opportunities to expand their skillset and explore the multifaceted approach to research through cross-disciplinary training. Professional development opportunities facilitated by GLASSNET are offered through monthly brown bag presentations, GLASSNET biannual meetings and open panel discussions with the community of GLASSNET researchers. These trainings will cover topics such as communication, active listening, team building, leadership, research across international borders, policy, and career pathways.


Mentoring relationships are an invaluable resource in the beginning of a research career. GLASSNET will support their Fellows through a multiple mentoring program that will match a national researcher mentor and an international researcher mentor with mentees. This collaboration will help to guide the mentee with publication review as well as technical competencies in different disciplines, intrapersonal skills for international research collaborations, interpersonal skills such as active listening to engage across disciplines, and career visibility.

Guided Networking

GLASSNET Fellows will have opportunities to attend conferences held by partner networks throughout the year and assist early-career faculty with presentation review and make introductions to key members in the research community.