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What is the GLASSNET Identity? 

The GLASSNET Identity is a baseline of key traits and characteristics that GLASSNET Researchers exhibit or aspire to claim as their own through professional development, mentoring relationships and training. This process equips GLASSNET Researchers with the skills needed to participate and lead transdisciplinary teams across varying scales.  

A GLASSNET researcher is typically an early career researcher, graduate student, or postdoctoral researcher who can adapt and implement cross-theme methods in order to uncover solutions to the problems where traditional techniques have failed. Over time, it is the GLASSNET goal for these researchers to feel comfortable claiming certain core identity traits as their own: 

  • Eager to be a part of transdisciplinary teams and has the knowledge to do so successfully. 
  • Ability to transition between data and models seamlessly through scales and disciplines. 
  • Expand two-way thinking across scales with a transdisciplinary approach.
  • Integrate all resources and expertise across the spectrum of stakeholders into the solution from the onset of the problem rather than as an afterthought. 

This is not an exhaustive list of the traits; rather the starting point that GLASSNET will use to shape the next generation of researchers capable of breaking away from traditional and narrow views in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. 

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