Presentations & Seminars



Biodiversity and Environmental Challenges for the Financial System, November 30, 2021 - December 2, 2021

Center for Latin American Monetary Studies, Central Bank of Mexico 

GLASSNET Working Group Themes: 

Data Integration and Interoperability

2021 Biannual Meeting, October 2021 
Data Integration Danielle Grogan, Michael Witt

2021 Summer Workshop Series, June 2021 

Data Integration and GTAP         Angel Aguiar, GTAP
Artificial Intelligence for Environment & Sustainability (ARIES): Brief Introduction & Potential Lessons for GLASSNET     Ken Bagstad, ARIES
Challenges in Data Integration and How GLASSNET Can Help Jan Dietrich, PIK

Ecosystem Service-Integrated Assessment Modeling


Challenges & Research Frontiers for Cross-Scale Modeling & Data Integration  

Becky Chaplin-Kramer, NatCap
AGU Data Leadership  Shelley Stall, AGU
Agricultural Research Data Network Overview     Cheryl Porter, University of Florida
Data Integration at Domain Boundaries - some experiences in LUCKINet   Carsten Meyer, LUCKINet




Conducting Analysis Across Scales 



Bridging Micro- and Macro-Scale Analysis 

Justin Johnson and Uris Baldos

2021 Summer Workshop Series, July 2021 

The biodiversity-production mutualism: Elements that help bridging scales and to change narratives Ralf Seppelt, UFZ
Meso-scale as a way to the ultrahigh spatial resolution? Petr Havlik, IIASA    
Practical tools to link ES and CGEs at global scales The Spatial Economic Allocation Landscape Simulator (SEALS) and downscaling to 8 billion grid-cells Justin Johnson, NatCap
The Integrated Economic-Environmental Modeling Platform - A Decision-Support Tool for Evidence-Based Public Policy and Investment Design Onil Banerjee (IADB)
Bridging Economic Models with High-Resolution Grid Data Uris Baldos (Purdue) 

A cross-scale approach to understand agricultural frontiers emergence in Southern and Eastern Africa

Patrick Meyfroidt (UCL)