Who We Are

GLASSNET: More than a Network

GLASSNET will link global communities of researchers working towards achieving water and land related SDGs to create a collaborative infrastructure across disciplines – that will help local communities to international corporations make decisions that align with the efforts to achieve the SDG goals.


Our vision is to accelerate the process of scientific discovery and prepare the next-generation of researchers needed to assess and attain SDGs linked to the world’s land and water resources.


GLASSNET will tightly integrate research teams undertaking global analyses with research teams evaluating local impact on humans and the natural environment in a multi-team, multi-disciplinary, multinational effort. Our team of three prominent of national and five international networks into a cohesive collaboration to:

Enable Transformative Analysis

Data harmonization and integration will provide support for and access to useable data across groups and disciplines with integrated standards for use.

Develop Diverse Human Capital

Preparing the next generation of leaders in international sustainability team science through cross-disciplinary training and mentorship.

Advance & Accelerate Knowledge

Through GLASSNET’s national and international partnerships, we will deliver comprehensive SDG insights to stakeholders.