How do I find the GLASS group site after creating a new account?

The GLASS group is hosted on, a geospatial data science gateway that delivers interactive scientific applications and tools and advanced computing power to a web browser. After you create a new account and log in to, you will land on your Dashboard. The quickest way to get to GLASS group: 

- Click on "MY GEO HUB" on the upper-left corner to go to MyGeoHub home page

- Click on the GLASS group


How do I join the GLASSNET group?

Go to the GLASSNET web site and click Request Membership at the upper-right corner.


How do I customize my Dashboard? 

This site is built on HUBzero, an open source scientific portal framework. You find plenty of help information on


How do I share a presentation or paper with the GLASSNET community?

Go to the Contribute a Resource page and click Get Started at the upper-right corner. You can also share your research with the GLASSNET Community by including your publication on our website and newsletter. Please e-mail


How do I share a software application on this site?

Take a look at HUBzero's documentation for tool developers and a tutorial on how to develop and publish a Jupiter Notebook tool is available here.