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  1. The Value of Water in US Agriculture: integrating spatially and temporally heterogeneous hydroclimatic and economic data

    04 Jun 2023 | Datasets | Contributor(s):

    By Iman Haqiqi

    Purdue University

    The gridded estimate of the value of water for irrigated agriculture in the United States for 75,651 grid cells (at 5 arc-min resolution) given the technology, prices, and weather conditions around...


  2. A Gridded Price-Adjusted Quantity Index for Total Production of Crops for Irrigated and Rainfed Farms for the Contiguous U.S.

    02 Jun 2023 | Datasets | Contributor(s):

    By Iman Haqiqi1, Laura Bowling1, Sadia Jame1, Uris Baldos1, Jing Liu1, Tom Hertel1

    Purdue University

    Price-adjusted corn-equivalent index for total production and area for irrigated and rainfed farms for more than 75,000 grid cells over the continental United States calculated for years around 2010


  3. RZWQM Calibration and Decision Making Tool

    18 Apr 2023 | Contributor(s):: Balaji Sesha Srikanth Pokuri

    RZWQM crop model simulator with a lightweight interface for calibrating the model to experimental data, optimizing irrigation and fertilization decisions using RBF-Opt

  4. Season-wise irrigated and rainfed crop areas for India around year 2005

    14 Jan 2015 | Datasets | Contributor(s):

    By Gang Zhao1, Stefan Siebert1

    University of Bonn, Germany

    Crop growing area and irrigated fraction for 21 crops in Kharif, Rabi and Zaid seasons for India around year 2005 in 500 m spatial resolution.


  5. Geospatial Targeting of Irrigation Investment in Tanzania

    11 Nov 2014 | | Contributor(s):: Jawoo Koo, Hua Xie, Liangzhi You, zhe guo, Jeffrey Dickinson, Cindy Cox

    This tool helps users to identify specific sites within the SAGCOT (Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania) area where new irrigation investments should target at 10 km spatial resolution. Users can interact with the map (showing the grid cells meeting the requirements, where the color...