RZWQM Calibration and Decision Making Tool

RZWQM crop model simulator with a lightweight interface for calibrating the model to experimental data, optimizing irrigation and fertilization decisions using RBF-Opt

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Version 1.0 - published on 18 Apr 2023

doi:10.21981/1J7C-VP18 cite this

This tool is closed source.

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This tool can be used for model calibration as well as optimize irrigation and Nitrogen-fertilizer application.

The tool is comprises of following tabs:

- 'File Editor': Allows the user to modify the input files of RZWQM2 scenario to incorporate known information
about the crop simulation. Also, setup the parameters to be calibrated by replacing corresponding value by a
variable name enclosed in curly parenthesis, e.g.  . Don't forget to save the files after editing
for the changes to take effect.

- 'Calibration': The tool can automatically pick up the variables defined in File Editor.
In this tab, the user needs to specify the bounds of each of the variables to be calibrated,
and then the tool can find the optimal parameters using AI techniques.

- 'Management Scheduling': In this tab, we make use of calibrated model to determine optimal irrigation and
Nitrogen application quantities for maximal profit, using AI optimization techniques.

- 'RZWQM Outputs': After calibration/, user can see the outputs of the RZWQM2 model for the best-fit parameters.
'.OUT' files are displayed as text files, and .PLT files are plotted as 2D/3D graphs for analysis.


The user can also upload zip files containing RZWQM project files to the cloud if desired, using the 'Upload' window followed by importing the zip file into the tool using 'Select Scenario' button in the top. An example RZWQM scenario zip file is available under Supporting Documents.

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