Cancellation process for people who used HBO Now

Cancellation process for HBO Now

Go the page HBO page in order to cancel the HBO Now subscription. You will be seeing your account's status such as price, billing date and finally, you will have an option to cancel the membership. Choose the Manage option which will be available when you head up to the page. Now Click the cancel membership option. You have to confirm the HBO Now cancellation by clicking Yes. The page will acknowledge your cancellation. Remember you can also stream contents until the end of the billing period.

Canceling HBO Now on iOS

You can just follow the instructions given below to cancel the HBO Now on your iOS app.

Go to the App Store and visit your account by tapping your profile which is available on the right corner. Click your Apple ID. Click the Touch ID if you are using fingerprint access or enter your process which will eventually confirm your identity.

Tap on the Subscription option and immediately select the HBO Now. Click on Cancel subscription button available to continue. Click on the Confirm icon. Remember that your subscription will be available until it gets over.

For furthermore instructions on canceling the HBO Now, you can visit page or call us at the toll-free number @ +1-844-227-1410.


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