How to watch HBO GO on Apple TV?

Watch HBO Go on Apple TV

Among the popular and entertaining channels on Roku, HBO Go channel is always the best. To get access to the channel you need to execute few channel activation steps visit page.

Start streaming HBO Go shows

Activate the channel activation to stream and watch entertaining shows on HBO Go such as The News Room, Foo fighter’s Sonic High Ways, Deadwood and a lot more.

Start HBO Go channel activation guide

If you are an Apple TV user and you would like to activate HBO Go on Apple TV, here we explain you the instructions for channel activation

  1. Switch on your Apple TV model that you use and check the version of the device
  2. If it is the second and third generation Apple TV model HBO channel app will be pre-installed
  3. Connect your device to good speed network connection
  4. Double tap on HBO Go channel app to open it
  5. If you have a mobile device start opening a new browser or URL
  6. Select your device from the list that appears on your device display screen
  7. As you carry on with the onscreen prompts you will receive a prompt to type HBO Go channel activation code

Enter the code and carry on with the onscreen prompts visible on your device display screen

Errors while streaming HBO Go on Apple TV

Errors always popup while you watch HBO Go on Apple TV and we suggest you to verify HBO Go channel activation steps, activation page and code for activation.

To know more about the steps to stream and watch HBO Go on Apple TV suggest to Call us @ +1-844-227-1410.

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