Meeting the Global Sustainable Development Goals on a Changing Planet with Limited Land and Water Resources

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Breaking down global communication barriers in land and water resource analysis

Collaborative research between crop science, climate science, ecology, economics, geography and hydrology disciplines is crucial to analyzing the tradeoffs and synergies related to the preservation our planet’s natural resources. With GLASSNET’s network of networks, this transdisciplinary approach will create a ‘common language’ enabling data and model results to be used for different spatial, economic, and geographical scales as well as equipping the next generation of researchers with the knowledge, skills and tools needed to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) related to land and water.

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A Sustainable Future is Possible

GLASSNET’s impact on key stakeholders will make a difference in achieving the SDGs. Our network has the potential to provide decision makers from a wide-array of areas with the data needed to properly assess actions that will affect the environment, the economy and local communities.

GLASSNET aims to support diverse decision makers 

National Policy Makers

evaluating the consequences of local actions, including trade-offs (e.g., usda, doe, epa, fao) and adaptation options (e.g., trade, technology investments, water governance)

Public & Private Investors

seeking to understand future infrastructure needs

Local Communities

developing climate adaptation projects and assessing risk management options

Scientific Community

of practice compiling a shared repository of boundary conditions, data and scenarios to mediate between global and local studies

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