Raziq Completes DURI Summer Internship

Raziq Ramli is an undergraduate student in the Purdue Computer Science program. As a summer undergraduate intern, Raziq worked with the Scientific Solutions scientists and developers to improve an online agricultural economics modeling and data analysis tool, SIMPLE-G. The original online tool was created for the HUBzero's traditional tool environment. Based on user and support feedback, its usability and flexibility in the user interface needed improvement. Raziq moved the SIMPLE-G user interface to the Jupyter Notebook environment in, leveraging richer user interface elements such as ipywidgets to provide better user experiences.  Raziq presented his work through a poster and a recorded presentation, accessible via youtube:

Congratulations to Raziq for a successful internship!

This internship was funded by the Discovery Park Undergraduate Internship program and the NSF CSSI grant #1835822. 


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