GEOSHARE Workshop at West Lafayette, September 10-11, 2014

Improving Geospatial Data for Decision Making and Discovery in Agriculture, Resources and the Environment (GEOSHARE)

September 10-11, 2014

This workshop led by the GEOSHARE team addresses critical issues relating to developing data to support the improvement of models to inform government and private industry decision makers about the role of food systems in achieving sustainable nutrition security (SNS). To improve the development and application of these models, the strengths and weaknesses of input data need to be readily available to potential users as well as being easily accessible and openly available in model-friendly formats.

Key questions that will be addressed during the background and breakout sessions.
* What are the best approaches for identifying the strengths and weaknesses of data sets and for designing improved data products for food system models (e.g. Data Fusion)?
 * What institutional principles can be agreed for designing an SNS model-related data validation and endorsement mechanism?
 * Can cyber-infra-structure approaches such as GEOSHARE/HUBZero offer multi-stakeholder  workgroups with interests in SNS( e.g. CIMSANS and AgMIP) a mechanism to assist making these improvements? 

The official workshop announcement: (file:Geoshare-workshop-announcement.pdf not found)


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