Meet the GLASS Project Spring 2018 DURI Intern, Ya-Wen Chu

Ya-Wen Chu, a Purdue University sophomore majoring in computer science and mathematics, joined the GLASS project in early Spring 2018 as a DURI program intern. The Discovery Park Undergraduate Research Internship (DURI) program provides professional development opportunities for undergraduate students to work with Purdue faculty on “cutting-edge” interdisciplinary research projects.

As an intern for the GLASS project, Ya-Wen has worked on developing the graphical user interface of Simple-on-a-Grid (Simple-G), a multi-region, partial equilibrium model of gridded cropland use, crop production, consumption and trade used to investigate global water-food-environment sustainability issues. 

The GLASS (Global to Local Analysis of Systems and Sustainability) project receives support from MyGeoHub via advanced computing and data visualization resources and is funded by the Discovery Park Big Idea Challenges. The project impacts a variety of stakeholders including national policymakers, investors, as well as local and scientific communities. 


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