Undergraduate student research opportunity posted through DURI

The GLASS project has posted a position in the Purdue Discovery Park Undergraduate Research Initiative (DURI) for the Spring 2018 semester:

The student will participate in a project funded by the Big Idea initiative from Purdue Discovery Park. The student will design and implement software to enable researchers and stakeholders to study long run sustainability issues in the global food-water-environment nexus using online gridded ag-economic modeling tools. Specific responsibilities include creating new features or enhancing existing functions of an online modeling tool called SIMPLE-G in the areas related to model setup, data visualization, and job submission to high performance computing resources.

The detailed project description is available at

Interested Purdue undergraduate students may apply by following the project link.

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  1. Thomas M.

    That would be really great opportunity for the students to explore and learn technical skills. Through this project I’m sure the students able to improve their knowledge and found it useful in field work. Keep visiting this website for latest related updates for students.

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