MyGeoHub and SIMPLE-G showcased at Impacts World 2017

Several from the GLASS project team joined more than 450 participants from 68 countries in October at the Impacts World 2017 conference in Potsdam, Germany to discuss challenges and solutions in climate-impacts research. Carol gave a presentation at a workshop on "Universities as catalysts for change and community building around the Sustainable Development Goals", citing scientific applications and tools enabled GABBs and MyGeoHub.  Among the scientific applications on MyGeohub, SIMPLE-on-a-Grid (SIMPLE-G), a multi-region, partial equilibrium model of gridded cropland use, crop production, consumption and trade for studying long run sustainability issues in the global food-water-environment nexus, was showcased and inspired many discussions among the colleagues.

Carol's presentation, titled "an open source geospatial cyberinfrastructure for interdisciplinary collaboration and broader engagement,  is available here.

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