New paper on U2U cyberinfrastructure development has been published!

A new paper on the U2U cyberinfrastructure and decision support tool development has been published at the journal of Climate Risk Management. This paper describes the use of cyberinfrastructure to create interactive applications as part of the Useful to Usable (U2U) project. These applications transform historical climate data, knowledge, and models into decision support tools for end users such as crop farmers, uni- versity Extension educators, and other agricultural advisors. 

This paper is available at Science Direct web site (, and is also available for download here on MyGeoHub:  Other papers in the special issues can be found from this article: Useful to Usable: Developing usable climate science for agriculture

Climate Risk Management is an open access scientific journal that  publishes original scientific contributions, state-of-the-art reviews and reports of practical experience on all aspects of the production and use of climate and climate-related information in decision and policy making from the near- to long-term.

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