Adnan Rajib wins 2016 ASFPM Student Paper Award

Adnan Rajib, a PhD Candidate working with Dr. Venkatesh Merwade in the Lyles School of Civil Engineering, has won the 1st Prize in the 2016 Annual ASFPM Student Paper Competition.

At the 40th Anniversary of ASFPM (Association of State Flood Plain Managers) National Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Adnan's research on "Large Scale High Resolution Flood Inundation Mapping" has been named for this top honor. In his paper, Adnan's team proposed a hydrologic-hydrodynamic modeling system that was executed for the vast 490,000 square km area of the Ohio River Basin in the United States, producing river discharge information for 100,000 river channels for the past 75 years. Zhu Liu, another PhD student in Dr. Merwade's research group, showed the utility of this modeling system in producing flood inundation maps. I Luk Kim, a PhD student working in the Rosen Center for Advanced Computing, showed the architecture of a dynamic online interface built upon Purdue's WaterHUB platform through which Adnan's model-generated information can be instantaneously disseminated to the public domain.

Adnan has been a key team member on the design and development of the waterhub project, especially the SWATShare tool and the SWAT Flow tool. Read more about the story here.


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