The Unidata Integrared Data Viewer (IDV) is available online through the HUBzero platform

Developed at the Unidata Program Center, the Integrated Data Viewer (IDV) is a widely used software for analyzing and visualizing geoscience data, including satellite imagery, gridded data (primarily from model output), and surface, upper air, and radar data within a unified interface. In collaboration with Unidata, a new IDV tool has been installed and published on MyGeoHUB, making it available to all registered users through an online environment. This is particular useful for education and classroom learning as it eliminates the need for students to download and install the software on lab machines which is error prone and needs special privileges.

The hub IDV tool can be launched here.

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  1. Julien Christophe Chastang

    Excellent work. It is actually the Unidata "Integrated" Data Viewer. Just a small typo on "Integrared" in the title. Again, great job.

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  2. Dennis L. Vigue

    Very informative update on your blog thank you so much for sharing. The people who are looking for the IDV update they can grab it here and make their work easy. Thanks once again for such interesting professional resume company facts updates these would be acknowledging.

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