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  1. GLASSNET Use Case: Spillover effects play key role in maintaining planetary boundaries

    09 Jan 2024 | Posted by Iman Haqiqi

    Ever wondered how the actions in one corner of the globe can ripple out and impact planetary boundaries elsewhere? Dive into our new research using the LPJmL-SIMPLE-G model, where we unlock the...


  2. Jhony Benavides

    PhD cand. in Soil Science with dual title in International Agriculture and Development (INTAD) from Penn State. MS in Soil Science and INTAD from Penn State. Agricultural Engineer from Universidad...


  3. rafael reis

    Rafael Reis is graduated in economic sciences (2007) and he is a master's degree student at the University of Campinas (2023). Rafael also has other training courses, including Advanced Business...


  4. GLASS Conference 2020 Program

    28 Jan 2020 | Contributor(s):: Tom Hertel

    Program description for "Managing the Global Commons: Sustainable agriculture and use of the world's land and water resources in the 21st Century" conference.

  5. 2019 Short Course in Multi-scale Analysis of Sustainability

    10 Jul 2019

    This online resource includes materials for a graduate-level course on integrated analysis of sustainability. It draws heavily on the research developed under the GLASS project.