Tags: natural resource and environmental economics

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  1. Gourab Kumer Saha

    I am Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering at Penn State. My research focus is hydrologic modeling, computational eco-hydrology, agricultural modeling, and...


  2. rafael reis

    Rafael Reis is graduated in economic sciences (2007) and he is a master's degree student at the University of Campinas (2023). Rafael also has other training courses, including Advanced Business...


  3. Iman Haqiqi

    Senior Research Economist at the Department of Agricultural Economics, Purdue University, interested in environmental and natural resource economics with a focus on climate change and water resources.


  4. Amsalu W. Yalew

    I am PhD candidate at TU Dresden, Germany, working on economics of climate change:impacts, adaptation, adaptation finance and related. I am trained as economist (BA, Haramaya University, Ethiopia;...


  5. Jing Liu

    Jing Liu is Research Economist at the Department of Agricultural Economics,Purdue University. Jing works on issues at the interface between humankindand environment. Her research seeks to improve...


  6. Ben Gramig

    Associate ProfessorDept. of Ag and Consumer EconomicsUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign