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  1. MyGeoHub Semi Annual Newsletter June 2021

    10 Jun 2021 | Contributor(s):: Carol Song

  2. video 1

    25 Aug 2019 | Contributor(s):: Matthew Huber


  3. An open source geospatial cyberinfrastructure for interdisciplinary collaboration and broader engagement

    26 Oct 2017 | | Contributor(s):: Carol Song

    Solving complex global problems demands that researchers from different disciplines work together, and their analytical tools, models and datasets interoperate. This is especially true in the context of sustainability. For instance, multiple goals of the United Nations Sustainable Development...

  4. MyGeoHub Geospatial Gateway

    26 Oct 2017 | | Contributor(s):: Rajesh Kalyanam, Lan Zhao, Rob Campbell, Derrick Kearney, I Luk Kim, Jaewoo Shin, Larry Biehl, Wei Wan, Carol Song

    MyGeoHub is a science gateway for researchers working with geospatial data. Based on the HUBzero cyberinfrastructure framework, it provides general-purpose software modules enabling geospatial data management, processing and visualization. Termed “GABBs” (Geospatial Data Analysis...

  5. MyGeoHub presentation at Gateways 2016

    02 Nov 2016 | Posted by Carol Song

    MyGeoHub has been featured in a paper presented at the Gateways 2016 conference. Titled "MyGeoHub Science Gateway for Spatial Data and a Model for Sustainability" and co-authored...