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  1. GeoEDF presented at the annual International Workshop on Science Gateways

    08 Jul 2022 | Posted by Carol Song

    Carol Song, PI of the NSF CSSI Framework GeoEDF project, presented the project design and outcomes, titled "A Framework for Designing and Executing Reproducible Geospatial Research Workflows...


  2. GABBs - Reusable Geospatial Data Analysis Building Blocks for Science Gateways

    31 May 2017 | | Contributor(s):: Lan Zhao, Carol Song, Rajesh Kalyanam, Larry Biehl, Rob Campbell, Leif Delgass, Derrick Kearney, Wei Wan, Jaewoo Shin, I Luk Kim, Carolyn A Ellis

    Science gateways have gained wide adoption in recent years as an effective platform for a lower barrier entry to computational resources, research collaboration, dissemination of scientific data, applications and publications, online education, and community engagement. Although multiple portal...