SPAM in the Clouds

By Liangzhi You1, Ulrike Wood-Sichra, Jingyu Song, Nelson Benjamin Villoria, Paul Preckel, Jaewoo Shin2, Lan Zhao2

1. IFPRI 2. Purdue University

Spatial Production Allocation Model (SPAM) 2005 Beta Version

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Version 1.1 - published on 04 Sep 2014

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The Spatial Production Allocation Model (SPAM) is an entropy based model which applies data fusion methods to plausibly assess cropping system distribution and performance globally at a meso-gridded scale of 5 deg minutes.

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Jingyu Song, Nelson Villoria, Paul Preckel, Jaewoo Shin, Lan Zhao, Ulrike Wood-Sichra. (2014) "SPAM in the Clouds"


You, L., U. Wood-Sichra, S. Fritz, Z. Guo, L. See, and J. Koo. 2014. Spatial  Production Allocation Model (SPAM) 2005 Beta Version.