A Biosphere/Atmosphere Simulation

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Version 1.1b - published on 16 Dec 2013

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The SimSphere package, created by Penn State meteorology professor Toby N. Carlson and a team of developers and instructional designers, consists of an interactive model written in Java, a 13-chapter student workbook, and a users' guide. The package is designed for undergraduates, graduate students, and professionals in disciplines such as meteorology, geography, landscape architecture, and civil engineering. The soil/vegetation/atmosphere/transfer (SVAT) model simulates interactions among soil, plant, and atmospheric systems and the transfer of energy, momentum, and water through the systems. The [ student workbook] introduces simple concepts and the software reinforces them.


Toby Carlson, Rob Gillies, David A. J. Ripley, Tim Summers, Jason Meyer, Sudhanshu Thanedar