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By I Luk Kim, Sebastian Ostberg, Christoph Müller, Uris Lantz C Baldos, Tom Hertel

Land input data viewer

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Version 1.1 - published on 10 Apr 2024

doi:10.21981/N7BB-BB52 cite this

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This global land data set was generated using the Land Input Generator (LandInG) version 1.0, a new toolbox for generating input datasets for terrestrial ecosystem models (TEMs) from diverse and partially conflicting data sources. LandInG 1.0 documents the sources and processing steps of data to model inputs. It is designed to make inconsistencies between different sources of data transparent so that users can make their own decisions on how to resolve these should they not be content with the default assumptions. The full LandInG toolbox was developed with a focus on the open-source dynamic global vegetation, hydrology, and crop growth model LPJmL (Lund–Potsdam–Jena with managed Land), but many of the created data sets and data processes are also applicable to other TEMs.

The LandInG Viewer on GeoHub provides access to a subset of the data sets that can be created using the full LandInG toolbox. The data set available here provides global coverage at a spatial resolution of 5 arc minutes or 30 arc minutes. It includes:

  • time series of crop-specific fertilizer application rates (5 arcmin)
  • time series of crop-specific harvested areas (5 arcmin)
  • time series of manure application rates on cropland (5 arcmin)
  • soil texture (5 arcmin & 30 arcmin)
  • soil acidity (pH) (5 arcmin & 30 arcmin)

The full LandInG toolbox also covers land, country and region masks, river networks, freshwater reservoirs and irrigation water distribution networks and allows for easy changes to the spatial resolution. As new data sources or new versions of existing data become available, the toolbox approach allows for incorporating new data to stay up to date. It is hoped that future versions of this GeoHub tool will allow users to run the LandInG 1.0 Toolbox themselves on the GeoHub.


Ostberg, S., Müller, C., Heinke, J., & Schaphoff, S. (2023). LandInG 1.0: a toolbox to derive input datasets for terrestrial ecosystem modelling at variable resolutions from heterogeneous sources. Geoscientific Model Development, 16(11), 3375-3406.

Ostberg, S. (2022). Code for LandInG v. 1.0 sample application at 5 arc-minute and 30 arc-minute resolution.

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