Unidata IDV Tool

By Rajesh Kalyanam1, yuan ho2

1. Purdue University 2. Unidata/UCAR

Integrated data viewer for analyzing and visualizing geoscience data

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Version 2.0 - published on 10 Feb 2016

This tool is closed source.

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The Integrated Data Viewer (IDV) is a Java™-based software library for visualizing and analyzing geoscience data. It uses the VisAD library for data and display models as well as other Java utility packages. It was developed at the Unidata Program Center (UPC), part of the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, Colorado, which is funded by the National Science Foundation. 

The IDV brings together the ability to display and work with satellite imagery, gridded data (primarily from model output), and surface, upper air, and radar data within a unified interface. The IDV "reference application" provides many of the standard 2-D data displays that other Unidata packages (e.g. GEMPAK and McIDAS) provide. It also provides 3-D views of the atmosphere and allows users to interactively slice, dice, and probe the data to create cross-sections, profiles, animations and value read-outs of multi-dimensional data sets. Computation and display of built-in and user-supplied formula-based derived quantities is supported as well. 

A user guide can be found at http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/software/idv/docs/userguide/toc.html. Some examples are available on youtube channel https://www.youtube.com.


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Unidata, (2015): Integrated Data Viewer (IDV) version 5.1 [software]. Boulder, CO: UCAR/Unidata. (http://doi.org/10.5065/D6RN35XM)