Graphical User Interface for the California Food-Energy-Water System (CALFEWS) simulation model

Graphical User Interface for the California Food-Energy-Water System (CALFEWS) simulation model

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Version 1.2 - published on 17 Feb 2021

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This tool provides a graphical user interface for the California Food-Energy-Water System (CALFEWS), an open-sourced, Python-based model for simulating the integrated, multi-sector dynamics of water supply in the Central Valley of California. CALFEWS captures system dynamics across multiple scales, from coordinated management of inter-basin water supply projects at the state and regional scale, to agent-based representation of conjunctive surface water and groundwater supplies at the scale of irrigation and water storage districts. This user interface can be used to simulate operations under different hydrologic conditions and visualize the results using the interactive plotting features.


A.L.H. is grateful for guidance from Venkatesh Merwade, Carol Song, Matthew Huber, Lan Zhao, and I Luk Kim. This graphical user interface was developed under the FAIR Cyber Training Fellowship program at Purdue University (NSF Award #1829764). Development of the CALFEWS simulation model is supported under an INFEWS/T2 grant (Award #1639268)



More information on the CALFEWS simulation model can be found in the following manuscript:

Zeff, H.B., Hamilton, A.L., Malek, K., Herman, J.D., Cohen, J.S., Medellin-Azuara, J., Reed, P.M., and G.W. Characklis. (2020). "California's Food-Energy-Water System: An Open Source Simulation Model of Adaptive Surface and Groundwater Management in the Central Valley". (In review, preprint available here.)

Graphical user interface was created by:

Andrew L. Hamilton

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  • Andrew L Hamilton; Harrison Zeff; Keyvan Malek; Jonathan Herman; Jonathan Cohen; Josue Medellin-Azuara; Patrick M. Reed; Gregory W. Characklis (2021), "Graphical User Interface for the California Food-Energy-Water System (CALFEWS) simulation model," (DOI: 10.21981/NGPQ-W142).

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