GeoBuilder for Exploring Geospatial Data

By Hou-Jen Ko

Purdue University

Build interactive maps with layers of private or shared data.

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Archive Version 3.4.3
Published on 16 Sep 2017, unpublished on 06 Dec 2018 All versions

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The GeoBuilder tool provides a wizard type interface that guides users through several steps for loading, selecting, configuring and analyzing geo-referenced tabular data. As a result, the data is presented on an Open Street Map with customized annotation, station/site popup, and dynamic filtering and plotting. The tool can be used in two ways: first, an end user can use it to dynamically load and explore a csv file of interest. Second, a data owner can use it to build a customized view of the data he wants to share, save the configuration, and publish the data, configuration, and viewer as a new “tool” specifically for his data. With this, any scientist can easily develop an interactive web enabled GIS interface to share their data within minutes, as compared to the past where they needed to hire a web developer and spent months to get the same done.

- Tutorial : A step-by-step tutorial.




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