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  1. Application of Fractal Dimension in Erosion Susceptibility Analysis of Geological Formations in Arid Areas

    11 May 2021 | Contributor(s): Mojdeh Mohammadi Khoshoui, Mohammad Reza Ekhtesasi, Ali Talebi

    Fractal geometry is a quantitative tool for studying and modeling a majority of complex natural phenomena. Considering the profound impact of geological variables on the nature and activity of drainage networks, this study investigated the role of lithology and geological formations in...

  2. Jupyter Notebook with Anaconda 2020.11

    03 May 2021 | Contributor(s): Steven Clark

    Starts the Jupyter notebook server in your home directory.

  3. SuperPower

    04 Feb 2021 | Contributor(s): Nicole Brewer, Jaewoo Shin, Lan Zhao

    Superpower for estimating power across multiple model families.

  4. Graphical User Interface for the California Food-Energy-Water System (CALFEWS) simulation model

    04 Feb 2021 | Contributor(s): Andrew L Hamilton, Harrison Zeff, Keyvan Malek, Jonathan Herman, Jonathan Cohen, Josue Medellin-Azuara, Patrick M. Reed, Gregory W. Characklis

    Graphical User Interface for the California Food-Energy-Water System (CALFEWS) simulation model

  5. Negative Pressure Perturbations Associated with Tornado-scale Vortices

    25 Dec 2020 | Contributor(s): Liguang Wu, Yecheng Feng, Qingyuan Liu, Weican Zhou

    The project involves the dataset and code of each figure in our paper.

  6. SACI - A Cloud Based Real Time Sensor Data Management and Analysis Platform

    12 Nov 2020 | Contributor(s): Jaewoo Shin

    This is a recoding of Jaewoo's presentation and demo on SACI at the Gateways 2020 conference in October, 2020.

  7. CyclingTool

    04 Nov 2020 | Contributor(s): Ben Feddersen

    Modeling of Cabon/Nitrogen cycling in agriculture soil

  8. FACT meeting - HUBZero Coding and HPC Computing

    22 Oct 2020 | Contributor(s): I Luk Kim

    In this recording, I Luk Kim presented a tutorial to the Cyber Training FACT Fellows showing how to develop a Jupyter Notebook tool and publish it on MyGeoHub.

  9. AgMIP GlobalEcon Data Explorer

    24 Aug 2020 | Contributor(s): Rob Campbell

    Explore AgMIP GlobalEcon data, create plots and downloads

  10. PIOT hub for Automated Generation of Regional PIOTs

    05 Aug 2020 | Contributor(s): Shweta Singh, Lan Zhao, Jaewoo Shin, Venkata Sai Gargeya Vunnava

    PIOT hub for python models

  11. Fine-Scale Analysis of the Energy−Land−Water Nexus: Nitrate Leaching Implications of Biomass Cofiring in the Midwestern United States

    08 Apr 2020 | Contributor(s): Shanxia Sun, Brayam Valqui Ordonez, Mort D. Webster, Jing Liu, Christopher J. Kucharik, Tom Hertel

    As scientists seek to better understand the linkages between energy, water, and land systems, they confront a critical question of scale for their analysis. Many studies exploring this nexus restrict themselves to a small area in order to capture fine-scale processes, whereas other studies focus...

  12. GLASS Conference 2020 Program

    28 Jan 2020 | Contributor(s): Tom Hertel

    Program description for "Managing the Global Commons: Sustainable agriculture and use of the world's land and water resources in the 21st Century" conference.

  13. Reconstructed Terrestrial water storage anomalies of Huang-Huai-Hai River Basin, China (1979-2015)

    03 Dec 2019 | Contributor(s): Wenlong Jing

    The Huang-Huai-Hai River basin of China suffers from severe water scarcity during recent decades under dual impacts from climate change and human activities. Quantifying the change of terrestrial water resources in the region as well as its driven factors is of significant to understand hydrology...

  14. Photo2Building

    15 Nov 2019 | Contributor(s): Manush Bhatt, Rajesh Kalyanam (contributor), Gen Nishida (contributor), Liu He (contributor), Christopher K May (contributor), Dev Niyogi (contributor), Daniel Gerardo Aliaga (contributor)

    Construct a 3-D building model (reconstruction) given a picture of a building

  15. Terrestrial water storage anomalies of Pearl River Basin, China (1948-2016)

    12 Oct 2019 | Contributor(s): Wenlong Jing

    The relationships were learned by using two ensemble learning algorithms, the Random Forest (RF) and eXtreme Gradient Boost (XGB), respectively. The TWSA in the Pearl River basin was reconstructed back to past decades (1948-2016). 

  16. Long-term GRACE satellites terrestrial water storage anomalies of Nile River Basin

    19 Aug 2019 | Contributor(s): Wenlong Jing

    Reconstructed GRACE TWSA from 1949 to 2014 of Nile River basin.

  17. Magmatic Forcing of Cenozoic Climate?

    13 Aug 2019 | Contributor(s): Pietro Sternai

    This is the supporting models for the contribution "AGU Centennial Grand Challenge: Magmatic Forcing of Cenozoic Climate?" [Paper #2018JB016460R] submitted to Journal of Geophysical Research - Solid Earth.

  18. Data

    07 Aug 2019 | Contributor(s): Harsh L Shah, Vimal Mishra, Maoyi Huang, Ning Sun, Tian Zhou

    This is supporting data for "Roles of irrigation and reservoir operations in modulating terrestrial water and energy budgets in the Indian sub-continental river basins" paper, submitted in Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmosphere. We simulated water budget and energy budget components...

  19. Terrestrial water storage anomalies (TWSA) derived from GRACE satellites and global land surface models in the Yellow River Basin

    01 Aug 2019 | Contributor(s): Wenlong Jing

    The dataset includes:(1) Terrestrial water storage anomalies (TWSA) derived from GRACE satellites and global land surface models in the Yellow River Basin during 2003 to 2016(2) Waster withdrawals in the Yellow River Basin during 2003 to 2016

  20. Workspace2 Dev

    11 Jul 2019 | Contributor(s): Erich Huebner

    Workspace2 Dev