By Ben Feddersen

Iowa State University

Modeling of Cabon/Nitrogen cycling in agriculture soil

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Version 1.0 - published on 04 Nov 2020

doi:10.21981/H125-QY92 cite this

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This is a tool for modeling Carbon/Nitrogen cycling in agriculture soil.  The tool will prompt the user to enter a time-series of nitrate and ammonia concentration on fallow fields, and will output the field parameters (N related) to the user. 

How to use the tool:

1. Use the utility application provided by MyGeoHub (the smaller window) to upload your Mineral N Input and SWC .txt files to the tool workspace.

2. On the tool, enter the number of days that the simulation should run for.  This should be equal to the number of entries in both the Mineral N Input and SWC files, or the tool will display an error message when you try to load the files.  

3. Load your Mineral N Input and SWC files to the tool by using the "choose N Input file" and "choose swc file" buttons on the tool.  When you click these buttons, you should see your files that you uploaded to the workspace in step 1.  select the appropriate file for each button.  The tool will either display an error message or a confirmation message when each file has been selected.  The format of each file must be correct, or the tool will not function.  See the "Supporting Docs" tab for an example of a correctly formatted N Input file and swc file.

4. Enter a value for the initial amount of ammonium and nitrate in the input boxes on the tool.  These inputs should be "double" values, such as "2" or "1.5".

5. Click the "Run" button to see the graphs for the ammonium and nitrate concentration for each day in the model.  The tool can be run multiple times with different inputs to see multiple models on the same graph.  The "Restart Tool" button will clear all previous inputs and graphs before the next input is modeled. 

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