POL 520/EAS 591 Student Projects

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In this class, students were trained in the theory and use of the models and received hands-on experience running CCSM3 via the TeraGrid. A key part of the class is having the students work in interdisciplinary teams (including at least one liberal arts and one College of Science student in each team) on semester-long projects to generate policy recommendations based on their own analysis of output from a suite of scientific, economic, and political models of climate change impacts. The project includes 3 components:
1) Proposals for potential strategies for responding climate change challenges, including mitigation, adaption for a team’s nation, as candidates for suite of class climate model runs. The students design a set of climate scenarios to be explored with the CCSM simulations on the TeraGrid.
2) Review of national contributions to, risks from, and opportunities regarding projected climate change.
3) Recommendations for specific policy options to address climate change, based on this nation’s unique contributions and concerns (documented the second paper component), including explicit consideration of political feasibility based on models of political behavior and based on the results from the CCSM simulations.

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