Interactive Example-Based Urban Layout Synthesis

By Daniel Gerardo Aliaga

Purdue University

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We present an interactive system for synthesizing urban layouts by
example. Our method simultaneously performs both a structure-
based synthesis and an image-based synthesis to generate a
complete urban layout with a plausible street network and with
aerial-view imagery. Our approach uses the structure and image
data of real-world urban areas and a synthesis algorithm to provide
several high-level operations to easily and interactively generate
complex layouts by example. The user can create new urban
layouts by a sequence of operations such as join, expand, and blend
without being concerned about low-level structural details. Further,
the ability to blend example urban layout fragments provides a
powerful way to generate new synthetic content. We demonstrate
our system by creating urban layouts using example fragments
from several real-world cities, each ranging from hundreds to
thousands of city blocks and parcels.

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