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Large and sensitive structures such as dams, power plants and towers are of great importance and the behavior of such structures is usually made in geotechnical and geodetic ways (engineering geodesy). In today's world, there are virtually no large structures in developed countries that lack sustainability monitoring observations. In Iran, this issue has always been considered, so that today all of the country's dams have precise instruments of control and geodetic engineering observations for metering. the data which uploaded in format od excel provide information of length , angle and coordinates of different station on the dam. also there is pictures that show some guidance about the way of observation from 1 point to another . In geotechnical method, tensile, shear and tilt instruments are installed inside the structure during construction, and the data from these sensors are continuously studied during and after the operation of the structure in order to control the stability. These tools allow internal control of the structure. In the geodetic method, a network of points on the body and surrounding area is constructed and the geometric observations (mainly length, angles and coordinates) are monitored in different time periods. Such observations provide the control of the structural deformation.



Geodetic Data from Sepidroud Dam In Iran


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