Developing A Collaborative Environment for Useful to Useable (U2U) Project

By Larry Biehl1, Carol Song1, Lan Zhao1, Christopher Panza1, Brian Raub, Luke Policinski

1. Purdue University

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HUBzero is being used as a collaborative environment for the Useful to Usable (U2U) project funded by the USDA. U2U is an integrated research and extension project working to improve farm resilience and profitability in the North Central U.S. by transforming existing climate data into usable products for the agricultural community The U2U project team includes nearly 50 faculty, staff and students from nine universities across the Midwest with expertise in climatology, agronomy, crop modeling, cyber-technology, economics and social science. The hub ( provides capabilities for the team to easily share data and research results as well as provide information to the public in the form of a decision dashboard and tools which provide a 30-year history of key climate variables, corn growing degree day calculator, information about climate patterns and a net benefit analysis of in-season application of nitrogen on corn.


Larry Biehl is a research engineer in the Scientific Solutions group in Research Computing, Purdue University. He received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering and M.S. in Engineering degrees in 1973 and 1974, respectively from Purdue University. Since that time he has been involved in many programs involving remote sensing and image processing projects at Purdue. He currently manages the Purdue Terrestrial Observatory, is a resource for geospatial software licensing on campus, director of IndianaView and is working on the U2U (Useful to Usable) and GABBS (Geospatial Modeling and Data Analysis Building Blocks for HUBzero) projects.

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  • Larry Biehl; Carol Song; Lan Zhao; Christopher Panza; Brian Raub; Luke Policinski (2014), "Developing A Collaborative Environment for Useful to Useable (U2U) Project,"

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